One Cute Guy

That’s one cute guy
And he seems kind of shy
What can I say to make him look my way?

He’s one cute guy
But should I even try
It’s so hard for me ‘cause I’m as shy as he

I’ve seen him one time
But that’s enough to know I want him to be mine
You’d know him if you see him
He’s one cute guy

That’s one cute guy
Should I even try?
It’s so hard for me
‘Cause I’m as shy as he
That’s on cute guy
And I wonder why
Every girl around hasn’t found and tied him down

What should I do when I see him there?
Don’t know how to act
Don’t know what to wear
If I play it cool would he only see?
That I’m trying hard
But I’m as shy as he

What should I do?
Should I comb my hair?
Should I wear a dress?
Should I sit and stare?
If he says hello, should I play it cool?
Should I let him know or just sit and drool over…?
One cute guy


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