Don't You Ever Stop

I’ve been listening to everything you say
And I think that it’s time that I had my way
Because the closer that you stand
The more I feel o.k. (And it’s time…)

Don’t you ever stop
Don’t you ever stop
Don’t you stop telling me

I’m not a bit distracted
I remember what I’m taught
So I’m listening to your words
‘Cause they say an awful lot
But I also see your eyes
Andy they give me what you’ve got

I’ve really got to hear these things
You know I need to hear these things

I can’t bring you bags of money
Or straighten all my hair
But I’d let you drive my car
Just to make sure that you’re there
Because every time you touch me
The more that I’m aware

I’m just a bit unfocused
When you’re standing sort of near
But I think I’ve got a little clue
That this is all sincere
So I guess you’d better never stop
The things I want to hear


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