Everybody Says

Everybody says
Always play it cool
If you take a chance
You’d only be a fool
Haven’t got the time to listen to
What everybody says

Running towards the light
Trip on my own feet
Trying to get it right
Dancing to the beat
I don’t really care
What ever’s fair is fair
I just know
I’ve got to get somewhere

Everybody says
You’ll do just what you please
There is no easy way
To put them at their ease
I’m not marking time
I’m laughing in my crime
‘Cause I don’t care
What everybody says

Everybody says
Be careful what you do
We’re watching for mistakes
We’ve got our eyes on you
But I just couldn’t cheat
And still land on my feet
So I don’t care
What everybody says

If you don’t
If you do
If you are
Damned for trying

If you’re sure
If you’re not
What is the point in lying?


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