Lady In Waiting

Lady in waiting
Heart on her sleeve
Listening for secrets
Too scared to breathe
Into the garden
To find what she’ll need
The lady’s not waiting anymore

Velvet and roses
Well it seemed a bit sweet
To be dreaming of magic
Hearing cars in the street
Sirens made music
For her thundering feet
There’s a lady in waiting no more

And the past calls
She puts her red slippers on to dance
Time calls
She says, "Come find me, I’m looking for romance,

Lady in waiting
Lantern in hand
Climbing a staircase
To find what she can
She’s not haunted by memories
But a mystical plan
She’s a lady in waiting no more

A painting, a portrait, a bit of lace drawn
And a dance floor that’s waiting
For the shoes she has on
She won’t wait at the window
Knowing some things have gone
She’s a lady in waiting no more


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