Cry Like A Rainstorm

Some like to listen
Some like to play
Some want to stand and fight
Others walk away

Some like their heart unbound
Some can’t let go
Some push their thoughts outside
Some don’t let you know

You can cry like a rainstorm coming down
You can talk ‘till your insides all run dry
You can stare into space and leave a hole
But you never will know why

Some like to work it out
Some just like to play
Some like to close their eyes
And make it go away
Some always look for love
Some find it too
Some get it all turned around
Wondering what to do

I want to live inside the rain
(Feel what it has to show)
I want to walk with nothing on my feet
I want to step outside each step
(Where I can walk around)
I want to dance right around that beat

Some like to talk a lot
Some just don’t say much
Some like to keep aloof
Some just like to touch

Some can end up winning
But don’t know that they’ve won
Some keep asking questions
Others just have fun
Some can just have fun


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