Jana Heller - Twist and Turn cover

Twist and Turn was Jana's second privately produced recording to be released in the U.K. The cassette was released in 1989 in response to demand for more recordings from those who had previously bought Mad Waltzing. The cassette also highlighted the acoustic material which was proving popular on the U.K. Folk Club circuit. Twist and Turn features material recorded both in London and Los Angeles and is a mixture of Stereo and Mono recordings. Once again, some tracks from this album eventually found their way on to Laughing in Crime, and it is interesting to hear how they developed over the years. Twist and Turn also contains the only comercially available instrumental recording by Jana in the shape of The Unicorn Tapestries, which features Jana playing an antique celestaphone.

The cassette features the following musicians:

Jana Heller - vocals, guitar, piano, dulcimer and celestaphone

Dave Benton - guitar and harmony vocals

George Keller - guitar

Track listing:

  1. Grand Obsession
  2. Ghost Song
  3. Very Good Sign
  4. Love is a Temporary Thing
  5. Legend in his Own Mind
  6. Seven Little Words
  7. A Lot Like You
  8. Light The Lamp, Babe
  9. Twist and Turn
  10. The Unicorn Tapestries

All tracks written by Jana Heller © 1980 and 1989

Published by Crazy Lady Music

Cover by Phillipa Collings

Twist and Turn has recently been released for the first time in the U.S.


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