Light The Lamp, Babe

Light the lamp babe
I want to see your eyes
I want to see your face
As it shines
As it shines

When I am lost from time to time
And I need some talk
And I need some wine
And someone here who's being kind
To light the lamp babe

Stay the night babe
You've heard those words before
But now I am your child
I can be nothing more

I need I need
But I don't know why
I want to speak
But i only cry
I want to love
But I only lie
Save my sight babe

I'll keep this night babe
A gift I took from you
When I said I needed
You stayed to see me through

If you are lost from time to time
And you need some love
Well it might be mine
Be a child then
And I'll be kind
And light the lamp babe
I'll light the lamp babe


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