Let It Ride

He's someone who lives from the inside out
He don't talk too much about himself
I'm someone who can read between the lines

If it feels right
Let it ride
If it feels right
Let it ride, let it ride

He's someone who keeps his secrets to himself
Well I guess it's just fear or his pride
But I'm someone who can love between the lines

He says:
You must know how I feel
But I can't use words to tell you my life
You must know that I want to be with you
But I can't say it right

I could talk to him all night about the world
There are times when I've wanted him to know
But love only listens when it's ready to hear

It's a gamble sometimes to believe what you feel
It takes trust to put your heart on the line
It's a risk or a test
It's a brilliant leap of faith


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