Could I Write You A Letter

Would it be cool
If I wrote you a letter
Would you say "fool"
And pretend to be kind

If I feel shy
Could I write you a letter?
Would you ask "why?"
And pretend you don’t mind

I’ve got a feeling that I’m pulling out the stops again
Seems to be easier than talking on the telephone
Goes from my head to the paper
Just before I think
Hope you don’t mind

If I write you
It would make me feel better
You can’t see through
A certain look in my eyes

Tossed in the rubbish
Are pieces of paper
Letters of unfinished line

Would it be smart?
If I wrote you a letter
Would you take it to heart?
Or pretend to be blind

If I post it
Would you please read my letter?
You could toast it
If you don’t like the lines


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